Question about BalenaDash

Hope i am in the right section. Is there a way to add a current weather conditions or five day forecast, and a digital clock with date to the gallery. Should i be using kiosk mode. any help would be appreciated.

Edit: Saw this article " Setting up a dashboard with balenaDash". Is there a way to combine that with the gallery. that is pretty much what i am looking for, expect having to pay that much a month.

Hey there! You can display any dashboard on balenaDash by pointing it to the right URL, and the contents of the dashboard depend on what URL you provide (it is not something we control). I’m not sure if the gallery provider you are using supports the features you are mentioning, but if not, you can create a publicly accessible website that combines the gallery with the forecast and clock, and point balenaDash to that instead.

i am using the built in gallery function “gallery_url” to display photos from a google drive album. How would i be able to display a dashboard url at the same time as the gallery url. the gallery url seems to have overridden the included launch url.

Am I right in thinking that you want to display both the dashboard and google drive album side-by-side?

Yes, would like to have the dashboard overlay the pics. have the pictures scrolling in the background and the weather and time in the foreground. kinda like dakboard, but the balenadash has more customization for the pictures and i dont have to pay to choose how quickly i want to have the image change.

Hey, as you noted earlier, using the built-in gallery feature overrides the LAUNCH_URL so you won’t be able to combine them that way.

The solution would be to build a web application tailored for your specific needs (so a website that rotates photos in the background with the dashboard features in the foreground) and point the LAUNCH_URL to it. Unfortunately this is a bit out of scope for the direction we want to take with balenaDash. The good news is that it shouldn’t be too hard to build, specially if you base it on the photos container and have some web development skills. The photos container already has an express/nodejs based webserver that serves the images individually, so it’s a great starting point.

Happy to walk you through how the photos container works or help out with other questions you might have.

Thanks for the information, i wouldn’t know the first thing about building a web application. i guess i will just have to settle, or try to find something else. thank you for your time.

No problem. I’ll also raise this as a feature request, though as I said it’s probably out of project’s scope. Should something like this be added in the future you should be notified in this same thread.

I do exactly this, but I use the free plan from:

I bring in my Google Photos starred album, add the calendar widget and the weather widget, and then set the dakboard screen URL in my balenaDash as the LAUNCH_URL