BalenaDash Automatic refresh or reboot


I am using BalenaDash to display a Google data studio report using Launch_URL and would like to be able to have it automatically refresh the page throughout the day. How would one go about setting up a command like that?

The documentation available may have something in it but I havent been able to find anything and I’d had these displays live for a few weeks. I just login to BalenaCloud and reboot the Pi 4s

Thank you for any help you can offer. there may be an even better way of displaying this report. let me know please.

Hey @artcastinc firstly, you may find that you can get away with using the browser block directly if you don’t need any of the other functionality that comes with balenaDash. The browser block just takes the URL and puts it on the screen, whereas Dash includes the browser block alongside functionality for setting up WiFi and scheduling.

Either way, the browser block has an API documented here that has a resource allowing you to ask for a page refresh (/refresh) or set up a refresh interval. Given this interface you can script the refresh to occur whenever you need it to.

Thank you @chrisys
I did build a workaround that suited our needs but I will still look into what you’ve recommended.

  • We bought a programmable 3-key keyboard.
  • Setup the buttons a “up”, “down”, and “Ctrl + R”