balenaDash + USB stick

Hi there, last weekend I worked on adding USB stick support to balenaDash; the idea being that you could load photos from an attached USB drive directly into the RPi.

There are still improvements to be made but if you are interested in checking it out, here it is:

Based on this adventure, I also ended up writing a quick post on how to handle dynamically plugged devices on balenaOS (link).

Let me know if you have any suggestions, cheers!

Quick edit with additional instructions:
To configure balenaDash on USB mode just set GALLERY_URL=USBDRIVE . The ‘photos’ app picks up new photos for display with a frequency given by CRON_SCHEDULE , make sure to update that accordingly (I scheduled it once every 2 minutes for example).


I have read your very well written quick post on how to handle dynamically plugged devices on balenaOS. . Very interesting !

Thanks for sharing


@tmigone! This is an awesome addition!

I’d love to get your work merged into the main balenaDash project repo, if you’re interested in setting up a pull request that would be really appreciated. I’ll also send you a PM in a moment as we’ll definitely send you some balena swag :slight_smile:

Contribution guidelines for balenaDash are here.

Hi @chrisys thank you!
I’d love to merge it into the main repo. Before that however I’d like to sort out a small issue I found yesterday. I’ll work on it in the next days and will definitely set up a pull req later. Thanks!


Looking forward for your PR