Quactel UC20G - not connecting - Resin 2.7.5

@lapacz, It doesn’t seem to be the case for all modems. I have v2.7.5 with 3 different Huawei modems and 1 Sierra Wirelss modem. It looks to maybe only be linked to the Quectel modems.

Hey @lapacz , It turns out that the issue with Quectel modems had to do with upgrading the RPI3 kernel to 4.9. It seems that some changes in this kernel version broke libqmi which all QMI (qualcom) based modems depend on. We have since patched libqmi and I now have my Quectel modem working perfectly with a build of resinOS 2.8.1 . We should be releasing this version in the coming week.


Hi, any news on the release of 2.8.1? I’m trying to get a Quectel UC20 working with 2.7.8.

Have you tried 2.9.6? I have not yet, but maybe it works?

No, the latest for RPI3 is 2.7.8. I noticed that the 2.9.6 is available when selecting the Intel NUC.
Also I think the qcserial kernel module need to be loaded at boot.

hey @rytterlund, we should be releasing 2.9.6 today, we had a few issues and features to add, so it took a bit longer than expected.

Quactel UC20G works fine with 2.9.6 / intel NUC. Thanks guys.