Known working miniPCIe cellular modem with SIM CARD


can anyone recommend any known working with resin os modems UMTS or LTE on miniPCIe (not USB) with SIM CARD slot?

My Quactel UC20G - have some connectivity issues with 2.7.5 so I would like to change it.

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Hi @llap, the known tested modem list is in the docs and in general modems from the ModemManager supported list should be working too I know that we were testing some mini-PCIe modems (@shaunmulligan probably knows the exact versions)

What sort of connectivity issues you experience with 2.7.5? Did you have any issues with the same modem on different resinOS version?

Looking at the resinOS 2.7.6 changelog, there is a new ModemManager version included in there, so maybe that might improve things for you… :wifi:

Hey @imrehg,

the issue is as follows:
First post - hacked by installing modem manager within container

This did not work for 2.7.5. There is no known workaround at the moment. I know @shaunmulligan has done some work, and I dont know the result.

Yes, I have seen the links. However I am having hard time finding modems with sim card slot already built in into it and being available on EU market. Thought maybe someone would recommend any. Huawei or any other easily available.

Most of modems I find without sim card slot, and I dont like the idea of adding sim card adapter. Would rather have out of the box solution.

The 2.7.6 is not yet available for intel-nuc?


2.7.6 has not been released generally, but coming soon.

As for the modem selection, I think most modems these days use the external SIM card slot, unfortunately. There has to be some that fits your specifications as well, though. A quick online search turned up Advantech EWM-C109F601E for example, which is mini-PCIe, uses the uBlox lisa-u200 chip that we’ve tested, has onboard SIM card, and should cover Europe as well. This note is not an endorsement of the hardware, however, and we have not tested it to work. Just an example of a candidate.

Regarding your use case, you are trying to add cellular networking to Intel NUC devices?