QoS for RTP Protocol


Hi guys, Im working on video distribution project, video goes through sdi over fiber extenders (but for now we use ethernet channel for this application) carrier is RTP protocol, lets say it’s combined with some other protocols and on raspberry py we pick only RTP, is there a way to increase priority of RTP protocol?



hey @vidgeek897, could you expand on what you mean by increase priority? Are you streaming over the resin device urls? There is some inherent latency with that because they go through our vpn (we are working on improving performance) but that maybe what you are hitting?



By increasing priority i mean QoS core functionality, for example in industrial switches you can set a priprity for each protocol so you will improve performance by targeting latency sensitive data, but nevermind, it was our bug and right now we are satisfied with speed performance, thank you for your kind support! :slight_smile:

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