Fail in saving rtsp stream above 5mbps

i’ve been running for the last few weeks an application that is using ffmpeg on the raspberry pi 3 inside a container.
up till now it worked fine, but now, every time the stream bit rate is above 5Mbps, ffmpeg just stops at the beginning of the record (from another computer in the lan i can record easily the exact same stream with ffmpeg).
i’m wondering if i should configure anything else on the balena OS?
i’ve already tried switching SD, and used a new SD, created a new device in the application, and ran into the exact same problem.
this worked around a week ago, and i didnt change anything in the container parameters.
am i missing something?


Did anything change, such as an OS or application update, or the physical conditions of the rpi?

If you enable support access and share the device’s UUID we can take a look.

I’ve missed your reply.
yes, would be great if you can take a look.
send you in private message?

Please do

Hello, did you manage to understand/solve this issue? We experience a similar issue using an RTSP source in a container running GStreamer on Jetson Nano devices with BalenaOS.

Hi @mellerdaniel

The previous status on this support thread was that you would have sent the UUID of the initial device to one of the previous support agents in a private message, but it seems that they have not received this yet? Can I ask you to please send me the UUID in a private message, and to enable support access on the device? Then we will assist you as soon as we can!

Thank you, and kind regards

Hi, i did send… no response yet, waiting :slight_smile:

Hi @mellerdaniel

Thanks, we have received the UUID. I can’t access the device though, can you please check that support access is enabled for this device, and confirm in this thread? (If you enabled it last week, it might need to be enabled again.) Thanks!

Kind regards

Ill connect it tomorrow and will send you, thanks!


My first thought when I saw this was that it’s likely a throughput issue on the SD card; if there have been sustained writes over a period of time then the wear-leveling in the card’s controller could be slowing it down. I see that you’ve replaced the card, and provisioned a new device and still have the issue so I appreciate that this might not be the cause though. It is also a confusing that it used to work, and now it doesn’t, so I am wondering if the source of the RTSP stream is in some way sending data which is causing the issue when decoding.

Do you have the same problem when writing the stream to /dev/null? This might help understand if it’s a decoding issue vs a IO throughput issue.

hi, its a problem with the SD, i’ve tried it on a brand new SD as well.
i feel like its an issue inside balena, because when i try this on a “clean” raspberry pi, i can record in 15Mbps without any issue.

would be great if someone can connect to the device, ill provide a uuid in a private message to whoever can.
we really need this since we can not work in the such a low bitrate (now its only “safe” when working around 4.5Mbs ±)

Hi, could you clarify? Is it an SD problem (you said it was but the rest of your message implies that it wasn’t). And also, what do you mean by a “clean” rpi?

And just to make sure, what is your SD card model?

its not a SD problem, since i’ve tried few plus the fact that when i installed a raspberry pi with raspbian OS, i’ve connected the camera and used the same ffmpeg line that i use in the balena OS and it recorded the stream fine.
this is the SD model:

Hi Daniel, I still cannot access the device, can you make sure that support access is enabled? Thanks.

Hi there, I’d like to check with you about your device. Do you still encounter the same problems where the ffmpeg just stops at the beginning of the record ? I see in the conversation you haven’t provided us any error logs, could you please attach any relevant error that you get. Moreover if you extend the support access we can take a look since you have already shared the UUID with us.


Currently the problem “disappeared”, which makes me worry even more.
once it will start again, i will ask you guys to connect.
thanks for the help.