Fail in saving rtsp stream above 5mbps

i’ve been running for the last few weeks an application that is using ffmpeg on the raspberry pi 3 inside a container.
up till now it worked fine, but now, every time the stream bit rate is above 5Mbps, ffmpeg just stops at the beginning of the record (from another computer in the lan i can record easily the exact same stream with ffmpeg).
i’m wondering if i should configure anything else on the balena OS?
i’ve already tried switching SD, and used a new SD, created a new device in the application, and ran into the exact same problem.
this worked around a week ago, and i didnt change anything in the container parameters.
am i missing something?


Did anything change, such as an OS or application update, or the physical conditions of the rpi?

If you enable support access and share the device’s UUID we can take a look.