Problem restarting pi zero with balena sense

Hi there,
I have a problem with my raspberry pi zero and balena sense.
When I reboot or when the raspi gets shutdown it’s impossible to connect to the raspi. It appears an alarm ‘heartbeat not received’. Also clicking on the link public device it appears the next message

Hi there, the issue you describe is a bit difficult to debug with so little information. If you want to get some more information about your device state you could enable persistentlogging docs This gives you logs that persist between powering off and on again.

Another thing you could try is to push the Balena sense project while the device is in localmode this gives you the logs directly in the terminal and gives you a bit easier access to the device over ssh. As there is the possibility that the device is conencted tot he local network but won’t reach the Balena dashboard.

Hopefully that helps you debug your device.

If these two things don’t help in getting balena-sense running reliably let me know, network issues can me quite the hassle to debug :smiley: If you find a bug with balena-sense feel free to file an issue with steps to reproduce it here: