Using Yocto with meta-balena causes a parse error

I am new to using Yocto and bitbake.

I’ve inherited a project which was using an older version of Yocto - 1.8 Fido, and I need to update this to the latest possible version. I’m trying to update everything to 2.6 Thud.

The project was using meta-resin as one of the layers which is deprecated. It is now meta-balena whcih is one of the things i’m trying to change in the project.

I’ve faced multiple errors so far with the builds as expected, but the following is a new one which I don’t know how to solve. Any help would be appreciated :

ERROR: ParseError at /home/paul/poky-thud/build-bbgw/../meta-balena/meta-balena-common/recipes-support/bindmount/ Could not inherit file classes/cargo.bbclass

Know someone who can answer?

This is the commit that introduced bindmount which depends on cargo: Start using bind mount services that handle individually the mountpoints by agherzan · Pull Request #989 · balena-os/meta-balena · GitHub

If you browse the repository at that commit you’ll find no classes/cargo.bbclass. This is because this file is expected to be added downstream – see this one for an example: meta-rust/cargo.bbclass at 53bfa324891966a2daf5d36dc13d4a43725aebed · meta-rust/meta-rust · GitHub

The OS team may have more input to offer – @alexgg @mtoman

BTW, I moved this thread to the balenaOS category where it really belongs.

Hi, apart from what my colleague mentioned, if you are trying to do a build for the Beaglebone Green Wireless at the latest possible version, you can have a look at GitHub - balena-os/balena-beaglebone: Balena support for Beaglebone boards which is based on Dunfell.