Preloaded Image Doesn't Start

Just checking since I thought those steps might have changed with the new update.

Will try the new version once the image is ready. Thanks!

I will ask my colleagues who are involved in preload and openBalena development if they know the solution to the certificate issue on the version you are running.

Hi, @codewithcheese

Any update here?


We need to reproduce this to see what’s causing the certificate to not be expanded at runtime into the correct FS locations. You can see this yourself in the start-resin-supervisor script but I am not sure why your process has resulted in the failure.

To confirm, you have preloaded successfully and wifi-connect ran on boot. Then you connected to the internet and the API comms in the Supervisor is failing. Is that correct?

Could you also, for the sake of clarity, confirm the versions of:

  • balenaOS on the PiZero
  • balenaCLI used to configure and preload the PiZero image
  • openBalena stack


HI, @richbayliss

Yes, preloaded successfully, but wifi-connect wasn’t executed as my app didn’t launch automatically.
Does the resin-supervisor need internet connection to start the containers at the booting time?

Versions I have used:

  • openBalena: v2.0.0 on EC2 instance.
  • Used balena cli v12.11.0 to deply my app.
  • Used balena cli v11.7.10 to preload my application to the image file.
  • balenaOS: 2.54.2+rev1

Please check my original question to see why I had to select these versions…

Ok, tried the new openBalena and the latest cli. But finally failed!

Any idea?

Hi Wester, I can see balenaOS is packaged with supervisor v11.12.4. There is a bug in the local mode preload flow with versions prior to v.12.0.6.

Please check my comment above: Preloaded Image Doesn't Start


Thank you. I am pretty sure you are hitting the bug with the local mode preload, which was fixed in v12.0.6. I am just sourcing internally how best to proceed…

Thanks for your quick reply!

Any idea on the new openBalena and balena-cli issue? OpenBalena: Cannot create Application!

I can confirm this issue will be resolved in supervisor v12.0.6 when it’s released.



Is there anyway to upgrade the supervisor to the latest manually on balenaOS image?

Hey Wester

I think it’s best if you wait for the official release to happen. Since all the components in question are opensource, you could try and build something yourself but that’s a lot more work.

@anujdeshpande @ab77 Any idea when the balenaOS images use v12.0.6?

2.58.3+rev4 still uses v11.14.0…


hey Shane, the supervisor v12.1.1 was merged into balenaOS 2.61.0 . So you should see that version rolling out on the RPi family in the next week or so.

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Hi, @shaunmulligan

Any update here?

This version of the OS isn’t available on production yet, but you can monitor progress here:

Just wanted to check when 2.61.0 will be ready for the RPi production image?


We don’t normally provide any exact ETAs. However, we’re always working on bringing the latest OS versions to as many devices as possible. I’d suggest to keep an eye on our page.