Download latest release on the BalenaOS image


Usually when we want to add a new device we first have to download BalenaOS, flash it into a SD card, when the device (in this case raspberrypi 3B+) powers up and connects to the internet, it’ll download the latest release and appears on the Balena dashboard.

I was wondering if there is a way to pre-download the containers on the image, so it’ll start working right away and without requiring internet connection.

I understand by not having the internet connection the device won’t appear on Balena dashboard. But that’s not our priority. The priority is to make sure devices start running the code right away, and they can later appear on Balena dashboard when there’s an internet connection.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, this is possible using balena preload you can check the documentation here: balena CLI Documentation - Balena Documentation

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