Open Balena Version Issues

I got some issues regarding the preloading proccess with the CLI open Balena and the raspberrypi 4.

If i use the latest balena cli, the preload process wont work with the openBalena server with following Error message:

Request error: <!DOCTYPE html>
156<html lang="en">
158<meta charset="utf-8">
162<pre>Cannot GET /device/v3/432f7b760fe54d5e87eeff707562fa5e/state</pre>
165 (BalenaRequestError)

If i use an older CLI the device cannot start without internet connection with following error message:

Cannot migrate from v2 apps.json without Internet connectivity. Please use balenaCLI v13.5.1+ for offline preload support.

Could you please fix that issue or give me a hint what raspberrypi4 image is fitting to latest openBalena version and CLI version: “13.3.1”

Thanks a lot for investigating.


thanks for this report. Are you able to do a balena login and a balena whoami to check that the balena cli is connected to your openBalena instance?
Can you also please share the command that you use to invoke the preloading?

Thanks and best regards