Possible broken device

Good morning,
how we can have assistance on possible broken Fin 1.1 device?


Hello Stefano

Please could you provide full details about the problems you are having with the Fin.

Thanks - Mark

Hello @lostevo, are you still experiencing problems with the Fin? If so could you please provide more details so that we may diagnose the issue?

Hello, sorry for the late reply.
I think it’s an hardware problem. If you gentle tap the ethernet connector with a finger the device stop working.
I have a small video of this problem. Can I post a link here?


Sure @LoStevo feel free to send us more details!

In the meantime i will contact the fin team to see what’s next step here!

Many thanx.

Here is the video Balena Fin 1.1 problem

Dear @LoStevo

  • does this problem also persists if you put the fin on some big cardboard or paper?
    (So to be sure that its completely electrically isolated from the ground?)

Yes. We have made some tests also with a plastic box

@LoStevo Grazie for the video! Our fin team will check it out and contact you!

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Hello @LoStevo

Do you still see the same problem if you tap on the ethernet port with the board flipped (the CM pointing upwards)? It could be a problem where the CM4 is not properly fitted.

If you still see the same issue, please send us an email to store@balena.io with the order number so we can process your RMA.