Plans to support customer provided BalenaOS image upgrades

Does Balena currently have plans to roll out custom BalenaOS image OTA for a customer’s fleet? I ask as we have developed some board support extras for a custom cape. Ideally, we would maintain a private custom Yocto layer which appends recipes in meta-balena and meta-balena-, build the image, and upload it to Balena Cloud for pushing to our fleet.

If the typical engagement model is to just make a PR and get our extras into the said metadata layers, then will stuff in /mnt/boot/, e.g. uEnv.txt, be wiped out by a remote vanilla BalenaOS upgrade?



We do support custom balenaOS or even private device-type so I will pass your request to our customer success team and my colleagues will give you more details about what we can do with your use case.

Great thanks!