New OS releases on the dashboard


We are creating our own image based on the balena OS 2.94.4-Rev1

We would like to understand the following topics:

  1. How do we upload our image so it is available on the fleet dashboard?

  2. If we want to use a future OS version of balena, we will create our own image based on that OS and we will need to make it available on the dashboard - is this possible?



can you please share more details about your own image? Will this image be an open source community image that you are contributing to community? Or is this a closed image that you develop for you own exclusive purpose?
What kind of device type are you developing this derived balenaOS image for?

I’m linking you our documentation about the different device types here Device Types and Versioning - Balena Documentation

Please share more details and best regards


We are creating Balena OS image (2.94.4-Rev1) using instructions from here balenaOS - Docs

Our system in based on Raspberry Pi CM4

We have a working image 2.94.4-Rev1 with Balena framework. We have made changes to kernel, device tree overlays, config files. We made some changes to WiFi driver. Everything works well.

Now, we want to provide that image to Balena, so you can host it and make it available for us in the combo box. Any future release from Balena, we will fetch it and make the changes we need and provide you the version for hosting.

We are happy to pay for this service. All we need it for you to host it and make it available on the combobox.

Internally, we have 15 years of technical expertise in Yocto and also in embedded linux systems. We do not need anty design consulting work from Balena. All we need is for you to host it.

Kumar Bala

@fisehara Any update on this? Its quiet urgent that we are able to deploy our own versions of your releases.

Hello @kumar-bala

From my understanding your case falls under our category of private device types. I’ve informed our customer success team to reach out to you. Please let us know if you have already reached out to us via as mentioned in the documentation I’ve shared.

Best Regards