Can I use balena-cloud to update a custom built balenaOS release?

I got a custom built ( using balena-rockpi repo ) image, but in update balena OS action, its selection is deactivated. I guess I cannot use this functionality for custom built image ?

Unfortunately, no, that functionality will not work on custom built images @sprhawk – you guessed correctly.

is there any chances, even by modifying some code by myself to support custom built image?

Hi, could you please explain why the need to use a custom image? We usually work with users so that official images cater for their needs. Custom images is not something that we can support in balenaCloud. If you search in the forums you can probably find some custom way to update custom images, but it is not something we support.

Hi, I have multiple reasons.

  1. Your rockpi4 dev image doesn’t boot up, due to lack of some dts overlays
  2. my bluetooth driver doesn’t work on you rockpi4 images
  3. I have to added TrustZone supports in rockpi4 images ( with custom Linux Kernel 5.10 and OPTEE 3.14/15 )
  4. I have to bundle multiple programs directly into flasher-images and base images and customized boot up sequences