Pi Zero W not on dashboard

I’m trying to set up a bluetooth AV receiver with my Pi Zero W. I’ve downloaded the relevant OS, burnt it to SD card and booted the pi. I’ve plugged a monitor in and it says “Booted - check your Balenacloud dashboard”. However, I can’t find it on the dashboard, and it says “you don’t have any devices yet”. What else do I need to do?

If it’s relevant - I’m not using a router but my mobile phone’s hotspot.


OK just went and looked - while making this post the screen has changed to this

HI there,
can you confirm that when adding a new device from the balenacloud dashboard you selected Wifi + Ethernet and supplied the same SSID and Passphrase configured on your mobile Hotspot?

Hi Juan,
Thanks for the reply. Yes that’s exactly what I did. I double checked the name And password before completing. There’s no issue with a space in the hotspot name though is there - for example “Harry’s iPhone”?

Hi, can you provision a development image and also have the serial connection setup so that you can login over the serial connection and check the openvpn logs?

Sorry you going to have to walk me through this a bit floion…

[quote=“floion, post:9, topic:178233”]
provision a development image
[/quote] I did select development version when downloading the OS - is that what you mean?

[quote=“floion, post:9, topic:178233”]
login over the serial connection and check the openvpn logs?
[/quote] how do I do this?

Hi Harry

  • Do you have USB to serial cable? This will allow you to open a shell to the device using another machine (laptop, PC, or whatever with a USB port and PuTTy like application). This will give you access to the device.
  • Production images don’t have this feature by default. If you are using the development version already - you don’t have to do anything else.

No, I don’t have a serial to USB cable. Also my laptop is an 2011 MacBook Pro. Where would
I plug this in?

Hi Harry

  • You’d connect to your USB cable. But since you don’t have that cable, I don’t think that approach is of much use.
  • If you can borrow a cable, it would be great. Usually these are quite cheap. If not - I suggest trying out downloading an image for a different network just to rule out any issues on the router end (although that will be very unlikely)

What do you mean “download an
Image for a a different network”? If you mean for a different wifi network - I only have the one - my mobile phone hotspot…

Is there no way I can fault find using the command line and a keyboard direct into the raspberry pi?