Pi zero W + hyperpixel4 🤯

Hi! I’m completely new with IoT and Balena Cloud and I’m going crazy trying to understand how to configure my fleet to use the HyperPixel4 with pi zero w. Can someone help me?

I’m just a lost beginner :sleepy:

Hi there,

Can you provide a little more information as to what you’re trying to do, and what’s not working? Is there perhaps a project you can share with us that isn’t working?

Thanks for your answer!
In fact, I dont really know where to start…

I created an app, add a device, released the node hello word exemple and deployed it on my device, and the app is running, so far so good.

Then I wanted to have the demo app displayed on a working rectangular hyperpixel4.
So i defined DT overlays in the fleet or device conf panel, and nothing.
I tried “hyperpixel4” or “hyperpixel4-pi3” (like “.dtbo” files present in the overlays folder), with or without quote and stuff like that.
Nothing changed, screen remains black and I dont know how to debug the DT overlays or even if my edits are active. I don’t know neither if defining the DT overlays field is enough for the hyperpixel4, I found nothing in the doc, only issues on github :confused:

Thanks taking time for helping me !
(Hope i’m clear :sweat_smile:)

Hi Nicolas,

How are you installing the demo app on your pi zero? If you are trying to run the curl https://get.pimoroni.com/hyperpixel4 | bash command from the Pimoroni instructions, that wont work directly on the hostOS, since it seems to directly require Rasbpbian. You could try to install it on a container, but you will probably run into the same issues. You might have more luck setting the hyperpixel4-pi3 overlay on the Device Configuration and create a Python project with the files on the Hyperpixel4 github repository (hyperpixel-init should be all you need). You will need to run your container as privileged to be able to access the i2c peripheral. Let us know if this makes sense or if you need further help

Here are some more resources that can help you with your development

Awesome! Thanks :pray: