Pi Zero installing OS prefectly but no services being installed

Wifi is being seen - can flash LED but no services at all. Had reinstalled it and created new app when before I could access bluetoothctl and all the rest of the services have dissappeared from terminal. Logs say supervisor starting

Hello! What os version and what supervisor version is your device running? Also was your app running correctly before?

Sorry for taking so long - i re installed everything - now have all services running but bluetooth will pair ok with phone and computer it instantly disconnects

balenaOS 2.54.2 +rev1 supervisor version 11.12.4

@hhaggarty Sounds like it could be an issue with the bluetooth on your computer. Are you still experiencing the same problem?

Hello @hhaggarty,

Could you tell us a bit more about your setup? How far is the target device from the audio source? Also, does your computer have an antenna for wireless and bluetooth that could be blocked by something? I personally fixed this in my small, old house and improved my balenaSound performance drastically.

Possibly related, but we recently patched balenaSound after finding a nasty bug on 7 March. Since then many users are happy with the results. It might be worth another reinstall to see if this helps.

I hope this is useful! Take care!