Pi-Hole potentially blocking Spotify


I have a couple of Pi Spotify Connect nodes around the house, these have been working fine until I installed Pi-Hole. Reading around it could be that Pi-Hole is blocking some required domains for Spotify to function:

For the BalenaSound part of this issue, is that correct? That Spotify needs some domains to be whitelisted?

The Pi-Hole part of this then, how can I incorporate that list into Balena Pi-Hole, such that it maintains upstream updates [git pull], but also so that I don’t have to manually input all those addresses through the Pi-Hole web interface.

Thanks in advance!

Hey there - until recently I was running PiHole and balenaSound together with no issues (I’ve just moved over to GitHub - klutchell/balena-adguard: AdGuard Home is a network-wide software for blocking ads & tracking) - so I’d be surprised if you have to whitelist things for spotify manually. On PiHole’s documentation they recommend an extension to help work out when you need to whitelist a domain. You could try running the spotify web client on your laptop, and see if that is also affected, and then use that extension. Also, does your phone work if you make sure it’s using the PiHole for it’s DNS?


It has been resolved, but not by anything I was aware of doing :thinking: it was not by any attempt to attach the whitelist file I mentioned. Spotify was working on my phone, it was only the connect clients that were not.

Glad to hear it’s working now. Let us know if you have any other issues. :wink: