PI-HOLE pushing error


I am trying to use the multi-docker to push PI-HOLE to my balenaSound raspberry pi so I can play music from a private network but when I push Docker-Pi-Hole file this error comes on command prompt [main] base name ($PIHOLE_BASE) should not be blank (I am working from Windows 10)


Hi there,

I have a few question just to check what you’re trying to do and how you’re trying to do it:

Can I also check that you are trying to push this balena-fied version of PiHole to your balenaSound device: https://github.com/klutchell/balena-pihole

I’ve a hunch that you are using a different repository, since I can’t find $PIHOLE_BASE in the source code of the above repo - but can find it in other docker PiHole projects. I would strongly suggest you follow the blog post above, and use the balena PiHole project.



I was wondering if I can play audio through a private network on balenasound


Hi Umar,

Yes, what you’re describing is a core function of balenaSound and multi-room. Any device listed in the application can stream audio, regardless of network.



So can I make a network for my application. Then stream audio.


That is correct. Enjoy!