Pi 3B - Bluetooth Sound breaks


i’m completely new to this and a complete noob with Linux based stuff…

I was using HifiBerryOS with a Pi 3 and Hifiberry DAC+Pro as a bluetooth receiver. sadly it had sound cuts, which were pretty annoying. While flashing the latest HifiBerryOS i stumbled upon BalenaSound and decided to give it a try.

I got everything going and also had a short output via bluetooth. Sadly it went silent after a decoding error.

audio> E: [bluetooth] a2dp-codec-sbc.c: SBC decoding error (-3)"
audio> E: [bluetooth] module-bluez5-device.c: Decoding error"

Anyone knows how to solve this? I’ve read about interference errors between Wifi and BT on the Pi3, might this be the issue?

Kind regards

Hi there and thanks for trying out balenaSound!

Your issue looks a lot like what some other folks reported in No sound when connecting through bluetooth. Are you able to try connecting your Pi via ethernet rather than wifi to rule out interference? Alternatively, if you have an external Bluetooth dongle you can try using that.

Please let us know if you are able to try either of those!


i’ve just ordered two dongles, for both of my Pi3b, hope this will do the job.
Until delivery, is there a way to disable Wifi? I’ve seen a post about it, but i don’t find it.

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See balenaSound blueooth audio on Raspberry Pi 3: Sound skipping, dropping for instructions to add a dt overlay to disable wifi.


I’ve found and tried this, the BT replay doesn’t stop completely like ist did before, but there are a real Lot breaks and stutters now. Gotta take a closer look im the logfiles Form further details tomorrow.

Maybe i’ll get my BT Dongle tomorrow and hopefully it’ll solve the issue.

Got the TP-link BT Dongles, problem solved, even multiroom works waay better now… thanks!

Hi, thanks for letting us know that the problem was solved after using the BT dongle. I forwarded your feedback to our balenaSound developers.

Seems to ne the Hardware Issue with the 3b. Sadly my entire Fleet is Pi3b… Time for an Upgrade i guess :smile: