Phantom IP Addresses

I’ve got a couple of Raspberry Pi’s that show multiple IP addresses, some of them wrong… (meaning they don’t show up in ifconfig…) Wondering if this is a known issue?

Can I clear “phantom” addresses?

hey @nurikabe the supervisor on the device will only update the IP addresses every few minutes. So if the IPs stay around forever even though you know you have pulled the ethernet cable out, then it could indicate that your resin supervisor is in a bad state. Next time this happens, I would recommend opening a webterminal session into the HostOS of the device on the dashboard and then getting the supervisor logs using:

systemctl -u resin-supervisor --no-pager

Thanks @shaunmulligan, but is that the right command? There is no -u option for systemctl, though there is a --user option, yet no “resin-supervisor”

I think that Shaun actually meant journalctl :slight_smile:

So you can use journalctl -u resin-supervisor --no-pager to get the logs.

Thanks… what should I be looking for? Not seeing anything in the logs.

Seems like every time I do a resin push I get a new IP: