Pairing balenaSound to Victrola Journey+ Record Player

Hi all - new user here. Loving all the features of balenaSound so far!

I want to create a whole-home broadcast for my record player, but I’m running into some connection issues.

I’m trying to connect my record player to my RPi3 running balenaSound. The record player has a bluetooth OUT connection (instructions attached). I followed the instructions, but my RPi is not recognizing the record player.

Some additional info:
-From the balena dashboard, the log doesn’t show evidence of any communication between the two devices
-I can successfully connect my record player to a Google Home speaker and play audio
-I can successfully connect my Android phone to the RPi w/ balenaSound and play audio.

I realize the limitation may be on the record player end, but I’m looking for any advice to help this work.

vsc-500sb-man.pdf (548.7 KB)

Thanks in advance!


Have you checked your record player with any other speaker? Does that work without hiccups?