BalenaSound and Bluetooth Question

I have recently picked up and started using some Raspberry Pi 4s and Pi Zero Ws for the whole house audio usage with BalenaSound.

I was wondering can the devices be used with Bluetooth Speakers instead of headphone/rca/DAC Hats?

My goal is to use this system with a series of bluetooth speakers throughout the house. This would be so perfect if I didn’t need to have any physical connections aside from the Pi Power Adapter. I just need to know how to pair the Pi with the Speaker.

Hey there @IrishTR and welcome to the forums. Thanks for trying balenaSound!

We don’t currently support connections to speakers via bluetooth, but what I suggest you do is head over to the repo on Github and submit this as an issue with the ‘enhancement’ label, that way your request won’t be forgotten and others can see it and add support if it’s something they’re looking for too.

In the meantime you could try pairing one of the Pi Zeros manually and see if it works, but I haven’t tried that myself. I did a quick bit of research and found this link which details how to pair a Pi to a bluetooth speaker via the command line. It’s likely to be tricky to get to work but may be worth a try.

Thank you for the link and info. I was able to utilize PiCorePlayer to handle Bluetooth speakers and sync all Pi’s to play everything. I hope Balena can implement support for Bluetooth Audio as I am very interested in this platform and how clean and easy it is to use this far.

Thanks again