Connect Record player RCA to external Speakers

Hi All

looking at doing the following and wondering if this is possible ?

RPi 3
Ceiling Speakers
Sony Record Player with RCA out

I would like to connect the record player to the RPi setup and use balenasound to control the sound. Is this possible ? Do I connect the RCA cable to the RPi board ?


There is an experimental feature in balenaSound that you are welcome to try. From Customization | Balena Sound, the intent is:

If your soundcard has inputs you can enable soundcard input by setting this variable. Sound coming in through the audio card will be treated as a new plugin/audio source. This feature is still experimental!

I haven’t tried this myself. For your case, I suspect that it would work best with an audio device/HAT that has both analog audio input and an amp. As noted, this is an experimental feature. But it is the closest match to your need.

Hi, have you tried the experimental feature SOUND_ENABLE_SOUNDCARD_INPUT suggested by my colleague? We’re interested in knowing how it went for you

In addition to your sound card needing to have an audio input (the HiFiBerry Amp2 does not appear to) you also have to make sure the RCA out of the record player matches the input type on the sound card. Many older record players have only “phono” level outputs. Most sound cards with analog inputs are “line level.” If this is the case you may need to add a phono preamplifier.