OS update failed

I am trying to update my Raspberry’s with the new version of BalenaOS and it keeps failing with Error #x11

I am doing this from the cloud. I am updating from balenaOS 2.27.0+rev1 to balenaOS 2.29.0+rev1.

Wondering what I am doing wrong. I have them deployed with Screenly OSE and they work fine.

I purged the data and then tried the update and gets to 25% and then gets update failed: exit code 1

Hi there, if you use the web console from the dashboard to log into the host and run journalctl -f do you see any log that might help understanding what’s happening?

It does not show my anything about the error. Just the Screenly processing. No errors.

Is this still an issue ? If so - we might be able to help if you DM us the dashboard link to the device and enable support access.