Update successfull, rebooting stuck

I’ve had several issues with devices getting stuck on this screen. I had to rebuild all devices with this issue. The desk test did not show this behaviour.

Is there a way to remedy the situation without a rebuild ?

I have granted support access to https://dashboard.balena-cloud.com/devices/0c96958d6683c225d060d715a52b1bc8/summary for a week. The device will not be always available as it is mounted to mobile equipment in production.

Hi, the update looks like it completed without any issue, the current and target releases are the same dffdd50

Yes I gave up and deleted the contents of /var/lib/balena/, that seemed to kick it out of its stupor. It is obviously not a real solution.

also the os upgrade did not actually work, its still on 2.53.11

for the record the core issue seems to be this issue balena engine failing after update with balena.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=2/INVALIDARGUMENT I reported earlier

Hey, I just noticed that the device is on 2.54.2+rev1, which I assume is the expected version? I am thinking if the issue you saw was due to lack of storage space, so when you removed /var/lib/balena there was enough space for both the app and hostOS updates to proceed.

OK, these devices have 120G disk available. Does balena generate logs that are not being rotated ?

Does balena generate logs that are not being rotated?

We don’t write logs to the disk under normal operation, unless a user has enabled persistent logging.