Stuck during OS Update

I pushed the new OS on a device. Now the status is stuck on: Update successful, rebooting.
I reboot it but doesnt have an impact on. I cant push another OS because the “device is busy: configuring”. There is a difference when showing OS on the docker and when i checked it on the Dashboard in the cloud version.
OS on Balena 5.0.8 (new OS)
OS on Docker: 4.0.7

Does anyone know, how I can hard push another OS?

Hey there @joahlnz , welcome to the forums!

You can see the upgrade logs in /mnt/data/balenahup/ on the hostOS and it might give some clues as to what went wrong.

What do you mean when you say the OS on Docker is 4.0.7? You can verify the current running OS release by looking at /etc/os-release on the hostOS.

Feel free to share some of the results here and we can try to get your device unstuck!

Hello @joahlnz

did you fix your issues?

Let us know how we can help you more!