Orange Pi Plus 2E

Hello, i am experimenting with an Orange Pi Plus 2E. I downloaded your BETA image but the device stucked at Post Provisioning state.

I know that the image is for the Orange Pi Plus 2 and not the ‘2E’ but there no actual differences on the two boards.

After getting into Post Provisioning it powers down. Currently it is stuck in the Post provisioning state. If i disconnect it from power and reconnect it a new device will show up in the same application and will stuck at the same state. The image i download is only for Ethernet if that helps.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Dgreasidis, I think the most likely case is that the device is flashing the OS on to the internal eMMC, and once that is done, it will power down in a “Post provisioning” state. From there what you need to do is remove the power and SD card from the device and then re-apply power.

If the device finds an SD card in the slot it will try boot from there and will always try to reflash, so removing the SD card is the step you are missing.

Hey @Dgreasidis
We have updated the instructions in the “Add device” modal to properly describe the setup process.

Thanks for bringing this up.