BalenaDash on Orange Pi Plus 2


I have deploy application on Orange Pi Plus 2 with project Balena Dash. But after the OS installed on eMMC, i unplggued the sdcard out and replug power as instruction. The screen is only balena logo and log doesn’t run anything.

Tried rebooting again but nothing happens

Please help me,

Welcome to the forums,
Could you please give me more context so we can help you better?

  • Are you connecting the board with a screen through the HDMI connector? and you see the balena logo after the board boot up?
  • Is there any mouse or keyboard connected to the board?
  • The logs are not meant to run anything, you have to do that from the terminal window and select HostOS
  • Could you please grant us support access so we can take a closer look at your device?


Hi there,

  • Yes. I already connected the board with the screen with HDMI, so that why i see the screen with Balena logo,
  • No, I don’t use any mouse or keyboard.
  • Please guide me to get the full log from termnial window
  • Yes. I would like to do it. How to grant support access?

Here is the log dmesg i get from terminal window

Hi there,

How did you push the balenaDash code to the application? Was it balena push or using the Deploy With Balena button?

Could you look in the releases tab for the application and check that the application built successfully?

I notice you are using an Orange Pi Plus 2, which isn’t marked as supported on the balenaDash repository: balena-dash/balena.yml at 3541fee3cdb828fad6a1da0081332a9eaca4ebfb · balenalabs/balena-dash · GitHub
It may work, but we probably don’t have one of those in the team to test with.

You can enable support access like this: Grant support access - Balena Documentation.


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I found the problem. Yes. Because the device is Orange Pi PLus 2 then there are no manifest for the service kiosk

Here is full error log for kiosk

Step 1/11 : FROM balenalib/orangepi-plus2-golang as builder
 ---> 7545761bedd8
Step 2/11 : RUN go get -d -v
Using cache
 ---> abc03d011a54
Step 3/11 : WORKDIR /go/src/
Using cache
 ---> 3690548d40e2
Step 4/11 : RUN go build
Using cache
 ---> 3de3c459d32f
Step 5/11 : FROM balenablocks/browser:orangepi-plus2
manifest for balenablocks/browser:orangepi-plus2 not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown

I have granted support on this device / application.

Many thanks if you can help

Hi again,

I will push an experimental image to docker for your device type, for you to test. This should be ready tomorrow, but I’ll let you know when it’s done.


Thank you. Waiting for it.

When there are experimental image, i need to reboot the board or how to pull it?

Hey - can you email me ( and I’ll talk you through testing the experimental image. I’d rather not add instructions publicly just yet, since a lots of people will use the image and I’ll be unofficially supported alpha code before I know what’s hit me. :slight_smile:



I have sent you email. My email is hello (@)