nVidia Jetson TX1 and TX2

Anyone else interested in Jetson support?

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YES. +1000

My post must be at least 20 characters long, this sentence is the definition of wasted bandwidth :wink:

it’s in the proposed list https://waffle.io/resin-os/resin-os-device-support. It seems many users are waiting for this board. @andrei @florin Do we have a plan for supporting it?

Hey @cmoss @dcmartin it’s on the request list, can add your +1 there for big impact too :boom:

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There are also docs to add community support for any board, check it out! (work in progress, and feedback / PRs are much appreciated).

@nghiant2710 Currently we don’t have a clean plan for this board. We have it in our short list for the next boards to support but no clear timeframe. We encourage though the community to try to support new boards and get in touch with us to integrate it in resinio. Using https://github.com/resin-os/meta-resin/blob/master/contributing-device-support.md and checking a board repository as example should give a good start.

Really interested in TX1 support, working with a number of high level startups who would really like to have TX1 resin

Hi, it’s on our roadmap, now that the TX2 is released, and checking out adding support for the TX1

Hi all, we’ve just released support for the TX1 as well!