No suitable Video Device found!

Hi team,

I have a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B v1.2 & a HD Webcam C270 - Logitech. I set up resinOS (Resin OS 2.12.3+rev1 (dev)) in my Raspberry ( I plugged in a Logitech USB cam that I have been using on my PC.

I deployed successfully resin-cam ( and I opened the public url in my PC. Its show uv4l website. I clicked on WebRTC (two-way Audio/Video) & Call! button. It always says ‘No suitable Video Device found!’ and apparently doesn’t connect anywhere.

Thanks for any advice!

Hi, I believe, that the resin-cam project is using the Raspberry Pi Camera Module, that’s why by default it does not work for you.

For an USB camera you would need to modify that project (the uv4l configuration for sure, but some other parts most likely as well).

Hi Imrehg,

How can I use command line tool from resin? I want enable camera module use command line.


If you open that device from our Dashboard, you will see a terminal then select container and it will start a terminal for your application container.