Playing video on Raspberry PI



I can’t make video play on Raspberry Pi running resinOS.

I have compiled “hello_video” player from raspbian jessie lite, put it along with a sample video into repository and created a bash oneliner to play the video in a loop.

The log shows that my bash script is started (I see “Starting the player loop…” echoing from my bash-script dockerfile entrypoint), but then nothing happens on the screen.

Here’s the repo:


Hey @Michael, I see that your binary relies on bcm_host.h existing in the file system, can you check that this is there? It might be that you need to install libraspberrypi-bin and/or libraspberrypi0 via apt-get.

Also if you use the webterminal and launch your binary from there, do you get more informative errors? Oh and one other thought, have you upped the about of RAM partitioned for the GPU? by default we set this to 16MB, which is often too little for GPU based stuff. You can see docs on increasing this here:


Thank you, @shaunmulligan! Changing RAM partitioned for the GPU to 75MB did the trick!


Awesome, glad to hear @Michael