No such file or directory

please help

Hi there, are you able to provide the full balena-cli command you ran to get this message?


i am now getting this error, please help.

Hi, the --source directory you have provided doesn’t look correct as you are trying to push your Downloads directory. You need to specify the correct project directory. What is the name of the folder you downloaded as you need to specify the full path to that folder. Alternatively you can open the terminal in that project directory and then it will use that folder as the project source.

the name of the folder is balena-sound-master and it is in the download folder.

balena-cloud-Audio_project is the name of the img file.

Hi, if the project was in a folder called balena-sound-master then you could specify balena push Audio_Project --source /Users/crystal/Downloads/balena-sound-master. I’m not sure what you are referencing with regards to an img file as presumably you are trying to deploy the balenaSound project?

that worked for me. i had to take out the word path lol. thank you so much.