No success after trying in both a Windows and Ubuntu system

I have a thin client running xubuntu live from a USB drive #1. I am trying to add HomeAssistant (an img file on usb drive #2) to the folder casper -rw on drive #1. I can select the source and target but flash fails immediately. I have tried to do the same thing on my Windows desktop with drive #1 plugged into a port. Issue there is that I can not choose a specific target directory on drive #1. Only target that is listed is the drive #1/. Any thoughts?

Hello, image files (like the Home Assistant one) are meant to be written to an entire media, so you can’t just flash it to a folder, at least not with Etcher. They are usually also meant to be bootable, so even if you could write it to a folder, it probably would not work as intended. You’ll need a USB drive where you can write to the entire drive which will overwrite its contents.

Thanks now I understand