How to burn image to SSD on Linux?

Hi All,

My first post here and with hopefully a simple query.

I have a USB stick with Etcher and a linux iso image.

I run the Etcher application from the USB as I am trying to get the image to install to a SSD drive on my linux machine but Etcher does not give me the option to burn the image to the SSD - it only sees the USB drive.

What am I doing wrong?


Can you please clarify which one of the 2 you are doing -

  1. You are live booting a Linux image on an USB, which has Etcher, and you want to install Linux on the SSD that is also connected to the laptop
  2. You have a Linux machine, and you have connected a USB with the App image for Etcher and a linux iso file. You are running etcher from the mounted USB drive and are then trying to flash the SSD that is connected to your host linux machine? This machine has an SSD connected to it, other than the one that is running the existing Linux OS.

The first scenario matches the current situation closest.

Can you try setting the unsafe mode and trying again? You can do that from the settings menu in the top right corner.

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@anujdeshpande That did the trick. Thanks for that little tidbit - never even knew that option existed.