No sound after turning on a second raspberry few hours later

I recently installed Balena Sound on two raspberry pi4s so that I could listen to sound in two different rooms with good synchronization. Turning both raspberries on in a short period of time, everything is going well. However, when I listen to sounds on the first raspberry, and decide to turn on the second raspberry a few hours later for a simultaneous broadcast in both rooms, there is no sound coming out of that second raspberry. Looking at the dashboard, all settings are ok, but no sound on this second raspberry. Is there a solution ?

Hi @keng-wai,

Something I have noticed is that sometimes, if music is already playing when a device comes on line, it won’t properly join the multi-room group. When that happens, I have to stop audio and disconnect the source (usually AirPlay from iTunes on my Windows PC), connect to the multi-room server with a different kind of source (usually Bluetooth from my Android phone), and let that start playing and settle for a minute. Then switch back to AirPlay. That has always cleared up devices that won’t join the audio group. It doesn’t matter what audio source you are using, as long as you change to a different one. And you can also try switching which device you are sending audio to.

The change of audio source or server triggers a reconfig across all devices, which causes the newly booted up device to join the group.

See if that works for you and let us know.


Was just going to link to and ask if disconnecting from the master helps with this?

Hi Mark and Robert. Thank you very much for your advises. I’ll try and I’ll read the github forum after my work day. I’ll keep you in touch.

I answer you with a certain delay. My apologies. I performed the following test. I listened to the radio for a whole day on the first raspberry in bluetooth. At the end of the day I switched on the second raspberry so that I could continue to listen to the radio in synchronisation in both rooms. There was no sound on the second raspberry. So I turned the bluetooth off and turned it back on a few seconds later. Once the bluetooth connection was re-established, both raspberries were broadcasting sound in perfect sync. This confirms Mark’s procedure.

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