No new releases past 4.0.23 for some devices for some time

We have been using 4.0.23 of balenaOS for most of our devices for some time, but other device types have been getting newer versions (BeagleBone Black has a 5.1.26 available). Most of our devices are NUC devices and notice that it, and generic x86 MBR devices don’t go beyond 4.0.23. Is there some technical problem that balena is working to push past with MBR systems, are you dropping support for MBR, or maybe some other issue that we aren’t seeing updates for these devices. If there is something, I would like to know it so we can make a game plan for how we will address it.

As a user, I don’t think it’s related to a particular technical problem. Probably just these systems are more rare and testing/releasing is done in a longer cycle. For example, we use a lot of Beaglebone Green devices (BalenaOS 2.58.3+rev1), but the release for Beaglebone Black (5.1.26) works essentially the same way. Beaglebone Green and Black are almost the same device (Black has a small HDMI connector, Green has Grove connectors for UART and I2C). Very unlikely that one has a technical problem and the other one doesn’t. (We’re using the Black BalenaOS release on the Green device without issues, but your results may differ.) And even though the difference in version numbers is very big, both of the images seem to work the same way.
I’m not suggesting to use any other release on the x86 MBR, just thinking that the exact version number is not that important.

They were making a lot of releases on the NUC devices and all of a sudden they stopped. So seems like something happened recently to affect the cadence of releases.

@kfrance, @jaan513

FYI, balenaOS 5.3.2 is now available for “INTEL NUC” and “GENERIC X86_64 (LEGACY MBR)”.