Never ending release build?

I’ve just discovered Balena and am just getting started with a few projects. I’ve deployed the balenaSound application to a few of my devices without issue, properly building a release and pushing the containers to the devices (everything is operating well.)

Later, when I was experimenting with the organization feature, I accidentally attempted to build a new release of balenaSound. However, the release was identical. It successfully built, but the build logs show an error (see attached.) If I’m interpreting it correctly, after the successful build, an error occurred because the built version was identical to the existing release which had not been invalidated. The build seems to be complete at this point, but the dashboard continues to show the build as ongoing (see screenshot below.)


How can I stop this build in progress? It’s been over 24 hours and I continue to see the same “build in progress” notice.

Looks like the log text file is not an acceptable attachement. Here is the log transcribed.

[Info]              Starting build for balenaSound, user <redacted>
[Info]              Dashboard link: <redacted>
[Info]              Building on arm06
[Info]              Pulling previous images for caching purposes...
[Success]           Successfully pulled cache images
[Info]              Starting to build upnp
[Info]              Starting to build Bluetooth
[Info]              Starting to build multiroom-server
[Info]              Starting to build sound-supervisor
[Info]              Starting to build audio
[Info]              Starting to build multiroom-client
[Info]              Starting to build airplay
[Info]              Starting to build spotify
[Success]           Successfully built service upnp
[Success]           Successfully built service airplay
[Success]           Successfully built service bluetooth
[Success]           Successfully built service multiroom-client
[Success]           Successfully built service audio
[Success]           Successfully built service spotify
[Success]           Successfully built service sound-supervisor
[Success]           Successfully built service multiroom-server
[Info]              Generating image deltas from release b34c9658d42494ceaaf67ffd54857754 (id: 1777280)
[Success]           Successfully generated image deltas
[Info]              Uploading images
[Success]           Successfully uploaded images
[Error]             Error:: It is necessary that each release that has a release version1 and has a status that is equal to "success" and is not invalidated, belongs to an application that owns exactly one release that has a release version2 that is equal to the release version1 and has a status that is equal to "success" and is not invalidated.
[Info]              Built on arm06
[Success]           Release successfully created!
[Info]              Release: 10423809c5709cceba2f94aeab6dbe86 (id: 1779500)
[Info]              Build finished in 4 minutes, 22 seconds


That is indeed strange. Does refreshing the page solve this? Do you still see this?

No change after a refresh. And, for that matter, after a browser restart. As of today, it still shows the build is in progress.

If it matters, I’m running Firefox.

Hi Edward. Your browser should not have an effect on this process.

Can you please go to the Diagnostics Experimental on your device dashboard, click Device Diagnostics, then download the file and attach it here so we can have more context in terms of the error.

You should be able to attach files with the extension txt

I’m still unable to upload text file extensions. Here’s the forum editor’s error message when I attempt to do so.

Seems that *.txt files are not allowed. So, I just forced the *.txt extension to *.log since that seems to be OK. f2c81fabfce928a8c1dcbb7d7f45cddf_diagnostics_2021.04.29_18.12.35+0000.log (990.1 KB)

Not sure who admins the forums, but if there was any way to change the allowable file types to include exported file types common on balenaCloud like *.txt (maybe not *.json since there are some security concerns there,) I’d recommend it.

Note that my application has three devices in it right now. Two RPi 3B devices, and one RPi 4B. Two of them are offline while I do some hardware modifications. The reports I’m providing are for the remaining device (the RPi 4B.)

Also, I saw an unexpected error in the “device health checks” tab (check service restarts.) I’ve attached that report as well (converted *.json to *.log again for upload.)f2c81fabfce928a8c1dcbb7d7f45cddf_checks_2021.04.26_03.15.26+0000.log (1.0 KB)

Finally, when I went to the diagnostics section for one of the devices in my application, there was an unexpected error thrown at the top of the dashboard. Here’s a screenshot.

Hi, are you able to try if you encounter the same errors using a different browser?

Also, can you try removing the version number in the balena.yml? That is what’s causing the error message in your build. I’ll also raise this to the project maintainer.

Hi, your report about the error led us to an issue in the builder that causes builds to be stuck in the building state. This is caused by the version number in the balena.yml file which the builder expects to match the number of releases created for your app. You may remove the version number from the balena.yml file and that should allow you to proceed.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to this post.

I went back into the balena Cloud this morning and the build seems to have stopped. Everything seems to be as it should be (the release properly shows as failed.)

Thank you very much for the prompt and through support.

I had the same issue. I made a whole new application, pushed the same BalenaSound package and it worked fine.

Thanks for confirming @edwardlarkin

@reinuke, yes creating a new app will also work.