Nano Image and CUDA Support

Does the prebuilt jetson nano image support CUDA?

The cpu in the nano is lackluster in comparison to the GPU, and it appears that the boinc client supports CUDA. I would be willing to hack something together for this if need be.

Is the Nano not using the GPU? I have one running here but don’t know how to check if it’s using the GPU or not.

Hi there, just to clarify, no the Jetson Nano is not using the GPU in this particular setup, as the Rosetta@Home project does not support GPU folding (not even on x86 platforms). All calculations are instead run on the CPU. Alternatively, the Folding@Home project does use GPU’s, but that is a separate project, and does not currently support Arm processors (though some efforts are underway there). Thanks.

Thank you for the reply. its a shame that the nano gpu isnt being utilised