My Electron App Keeps Crashing

I have an electron app running on resin and i t keeps crashing and restarting with these messages.

Hi, I met this issue before - related to the corruption of supervisor database.

If the supervisor database is corrupted, you can recreate it with the following commands in the Host OS:

# Stop supervisor and re-create a new database
systemctl stop resin-supervisor
rm /resin-data/resin-supervisor/database.sqlite
systemctl start resin-supervisor

The supervisor will re-create a new database. Hope this will solve your trouble. Good luck!

I have this same issue. My Electron app too keeps crashing randomly, and i need help with this.

Hi @BrianL is there anything out of the ordinary when you check the supervisor logs?

journalctl --no-pager -u resin-supervisor

ran from the host OS webterminal would fetch you these logs.