Raspberry Pis 3 B+ Electronjs server kiosk - Daily Reboot and Hourly Restart Custom Variable

Can anyone recommend a RESIN_ device variable based on a daily cycle

  1. Reboot device everyday at 8am
  2. Restart device hourly

Due to the kiosk URL I feed, I’m seeing a white screen and this can be flushed out with a restart. Not sure if any other error feedback can be received for the device to notice when a digital signage kiosk (electronjs app and URL) has an https error that could be the trigger for a restart.

Hi @admecoach could you explain a bit more why you’d want a RESIN_ variable for this?

You could add this hourly restart in a script in your application, using the supervisor API: https://docs.resin.io/reference/supervisor/supervisor-api/#post-v1-restart so you could just call that endpoint from your app every hour?

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I know I need my developer to be handling this as it’s over my head and I’m using https://github.com/resin-io/resin-electronjs. But I’m doing R&D to see if I can get a fleet of Pi’s running for digital kiosks that simply turn on and run my presentation URL - which thus far work great until it hangs or doesn’t. Two screens are running on this now in my office for testing and most mornings I walk in and they are displaying my promo URL content (actually coming from a DAKboard presentation URL). But once or twice a day I see a white screen or black and don’t know enough to read the console error. Can you point me to really basic steps on adding supervisor code to my app. I know if I make this work it will be time to hire a pro to handle this.

It should be fairly achievable to get https://www.npmjs.com/package/cron to make regular http requests using https://www.npmjs.com/package/request to the endpoints in the docs.