My Balena Helium (EU SX1301) hotspot, but what does it do???

So…I got myself a Balena Helium hotspot (EU SX1301) albeit with a RAK831 (with Pi HAT) while it should be a RAK2245 running on a brandnew Raspi 4b.

However… it shows Lora traffic, but no Helium Miner traffic… also, it’s my thinking that a webconsole should show some statistics but URL not found… (using my local IP).

I saw the Youtube on the topic, but it didn’t make me any smarter on this topic.

For clarity I added two screenshots.


Hi, according to the warning that appears in build-a-packet-forwarder | Helium Documentation, you can only mine with an approved hotspot. Also, I don’t think the Helium gateway project (GitHub - PastaGringo/balenaos-helium-gtw) exposes a UI, but I will ping some of the contributors to confirm it.

Hi, some extra details. The app currently on hub does not currently have a UI, but this other which is not on hub does (GitHub - just4give/helium-dyi-hotspot-balena-pi4).
Also, we are working to bring a light hotspot to Hub, as described in Light Hotspots (Beta) | Helium Documentation, and that will be able to mine tokens for Lora packet forwarders, so watch this space.

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@alexgg thanks for the prompt reply, much appreciated. if you need a betatester for Light Hotspots release just ping me and I’m happy to contribute.


Yes @rjwelling we will keep you updated :slight_smile:

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Hi @mpous keep me updated as well

BTW. I am thinking of doing a 2.4Ghz LoRaWAN project, I see there is already a gateway from Semtech, looking forward to enable it on Balena :slight_smile:

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@ronyvargas at the moment i don’t have any RAK2245 available! Do you have 1?

I have one in backorder @ Rak but apparently due to chip-shortage it will be for another x-of-weeks

Yes I do have one RAK2245 running on the pi4 @mpous

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@ronyvargas do you think you can open a new forums thread to talk about this new project? i’m looking forward to follow it but it would be great to have it on a new / fresh thread :slight_smile:

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@mpous Yes, I will open a new thread once I have the 2.4GHz gateway on hands.

Keep me posted on this thread for the Helium work on SX1301


@ronyvargas looking forward to read your new thread about a 2,4Ghz LoRaWAN gateway running on balena, and of course test it here in my place :slight_smile:

how can i help you more?

Hi @mpous I created my first Topic for 2.4GHz Gateway> LoRaWAN Gateway on the 2.4GHz band using Balena
Hope it helps to get started on 2.4GHz :grinning:

The balena Helium hotspot if it’s DIY at the moment will not participate in any Proof of Coverage or Data Credits operation @ronyvargas However I think they are functional hotspots.

Did you try it? e.g. GitHub - bottxrnife/helium-2245

No, I haven’t yet tried, let me take a look @mpous

BTW @ronyvargas @rjwelling we published a Data Only Helium Hotspot here balenaHub: an easier way to find and publish fleets and projects for edge devices

At the moment it’s only compatible with Pi (0, 2, 3 and 4) plus RAK2287 LoRa concentrator SPI based.

Let me know if you have the hardware to test it and make it work :slight_smile:

Hi @mpous is this one compatible with SX1301 (RAK2245)? I looked into the code and found some hints, but wanted to check with you first

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no compatible yet! open for contributions @ronyvargas :slight_smile:

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hi ı have raspberry pi4 + rak2245 pi hat . it is not working. can you help me?

Hello @mryavash at the moment this repo only works on Pi4 with RAK2287 (sx1302).

Do you think you can contribute on that?