LoRaWAN Gateway on the 2.4GHz band using Balena

I have received my lora-24ghz LoRaWAN Gateway reference design from Semtech

After un boxing, first step needs to be done is to flash the firmware to the built-in MCU in the mPCIe card, this can be done directly from the Pi using a Raspbian Image first, or use a cross compile chain on any other OS and flash it. Specific instructions on how to flash it can be found on the User Guide

Then it’s time to work on the HAL repo and adapt it for Balena, see the fork on Github, with the basics to get it running:

Views from Balena Dashboard

Views from TTN using 2.4GHz Plan

I did check to integrate with LNS protocol but it will require more work to do adapting the HAL API calls to match the correspondant, I just checked high level and they seem to match, but almost sure it won’t work wihout modifications.


What hardware is this compatible with @ronyvargas ?

And 2.4ghz is available worldwide, correct @ronyvargas ? Nice work!

Hi @mpous, I have only seen this gateway design from Semtech running on a RPI4.

The SX1280 looks like was released on 2018 if not wrong, but based on my research, looks like it is not yet adopted for LoRaWAN, I do see more adoption in LoRa P2P areas, pretty much for Wireless RF Controllers (Drones and other stuff) I could be wrong, but this is just based on the Libraries and readings I found on Internet.

Yes @dtischler , this Band is available worldwide :slight_smile:

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Just a quick FYI @ronyvargas, I am moving this thread into our new “Show and Tell” category, since you are in uncharted territory here. :yum:

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The gateway looks very stable, it works uplink and downlink:

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Good job @ronyvargas :clap:

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