MQTT Broker & Node Red on RPi 3

Hi Forum!

I’m currently working on a project to turn a LoPy into a Raspberry Pi 3 controlled LoRa gateway, connected up using Node Red.

I’ve got Node Red running on the board now, using but now I want to get an MQTT Broker also running on the board simultaneously.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the best way to do this might be?



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Hey @bucknalla, I’ve never used node-red before, but basically you just need to set up a broker that runs along side the node-red server? And then node-red has a built in UI to connect to a specific broker on a specific host:port as a client right?

To run the broker similtaneously you’ll need to install a broker in the build step and then in the resin-node-red start script you should and another line to start it along with node-red.

This should help get you get the broker installed and running

Hi @craig,

That’s right, I want a broker that runs alongside the node-red server.

Fantastic! That link looks great, seems to cover all my questions!



Good to hear!

Let us know how it goes.

Hey Alex - how did you go with this? Could you share the Dockerfile as I’m also wanting to have mqtt running as a broker on the Pi?