Deploying Node-RED applications to devices


Hi all,

I’ve written up how to use to deploy Node-RED developed applications to devices.

This makes use of the new(ish) projects feature in Node-RED, giving you full version control and git integration from within the editor.

The blog post explains how to create

a developer workflow that consists of:

  1. developing and testing on a local Raspberry Pi
  2. committing changes, giving you full version control
  3. optionally pushing those changes to GitHub, or any other hosted git service
  4. deploying the application to your managed devices, with a simple push to the remote.

Let me know what you think. Working through this has helped flush out a couple usability issues with Node-RED’s git integration - something we’ll look at improve in forthcoming releases.

But as I say in the post, I was really taken with how quick and easy resin made it to set this up.



Looks good :+1:

I’m using NodeRED as the basis of “wiring up” logic for my self-made home automation. The main difference in comparison to this is the fact that I’m using /data/nodered/ as --userDir, so I have persistent storage for flows on the device. This way the logic can differ from one device to another.

Here is one capture of the logics I’ve been able to do, thanks to bunch of custom NodeRED-modules and fairly simple logic:


This is awesome! Thank you for sharing, Nick.

I’m definitely going to give Node-RED a try here.