Most stable balenaOS / LTS version

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We are currently at a point in time where we are investing time to upgrade some of our architecture.
My coworker already posted this question half a year ago here:

Best Balena OS to update to for Long Term Support

We are still using a very old balena OS version, which we have found to create a stable system with the rest of our configuration. But as we are preparing to upgrade to the raspberry pi 4 and to the newer base images as well, we would like to update everything in one fell swoop.

The question remains as to whether there is already something that could be considered a LTS version of balenaOS or if we would be well advised to simply choose one close to the latest and work on problems as they come up. As an OS update is kind of an additional risk for our production devices, we would like to prevent additional near-future updates and instead run the next update only when there is a considerably better feature set.

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Hi, there are ESR releases which is what you want. These will be available in the very near future. The ESR version for the pi4 is v2019.10.3 (which is based on release 2.44). But the ESR comes on certain paid plans. I will route your question to the appropriate person that can give you more details on how you could get access to the ESR based on the subscription plan.

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The ESRs are releases we do twice a year and in which we backport fixes just like the LTS you asked about.

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Via what channel will I be contacted? Via PM?

Hi Chebbi, we are about to release our official Balena ESR as my colleague has already mentioned. The ESR is limited to customers on our production plans and above so we would need to discuss upgrading Sonah if this is something you wanted to explore further.