Need response re Etcher Pro Release / Pricing Etcher 14 DAYS LATER

Etcher Pro Release / Pricing

Need to buy this product. If you are going to release a news announcement, please do so ASAP as summer is ending. I have a clear documented need at this price point, previous experience on using Etcher over many engineering classes and need it this semester which is starting soon.
Does not look like monitoring occurs very often here on this forum. Due to business needs, I am going to have to go buy a more expensive, likely less capable unit. I am an electrical engineer with many decades experience in complex systems including system , electrical, functional and software test. I currently help support teaching in wireless, IoT, Cloud , Security and other graduate courses with networks of hundreds of IoT -type devices in recent times. Wish I could have been engaged in this rollout but looks like it’s not going to happen.

Hi @mhfullme-ncsu I just responded here as well, but just in case I’ll post again here:

Apologies for the slow response. We’re still working on an improved design for the Etcher Pro, so estimated availability is not until later in the year. We’ll keep you updated!