Modify the BalenaOS image to add packages


I understood that the OS partition is small, stateless and read-only, but we would like to add some packages to do monitoring (collect app logs, devices metrics like cpu/disk/network etc).

Is it possible to modify the balenaOS image to add these features?
In the case we do it, what about support and os upgrades?



I don’t think you can install more packages to the hostOS, however you can create an application container that contains all the packages/utilities you need to do monitoring tasks like you mentioned above.

Ok, in that case we need to see if we could dockerize the monitoring application.

In case we manage to do it, can a container access to the hostOS logs/metrics and also to others containers logs?


We have a few a couple blog posts showing how to do device monitoring and metrics.
Please check

Let us know if you have any questions :slight_smile:

Thanks, it looks great. Is there any integration with Splunk too ?

We don’t have any example using Splunk yet.
This could be a fun project to integrate if you are up to a challenge.

Hey everyone!

In this post in balena forum, we are inquiring whether it’s possible to run netdata in a balena container, since it needs certain bind mounts to function properly.

Any input is more than welcome @nghiant2710, @dansku

Thanks everyone!